Pixioo photography Unique ideas to choose backgrounds for wedding photographs.

Pixioo photography, one of the best photographer in Singapore, is preferred over others as they have showcased their immense talent in choosing the backdrop for wedding pictures.

Wedding is considered by the photographers as greatest indentation. As you sign up as a wedding photographer, your work begins long before the D day and continues after as these photographs will remain as memories and will be on display on the wall for many years to come. Photography it is not only about the subject but background also speaks a lot .Nothing but background makes a photo session more interesting and better. Backdrops may be challenging and also can act as a magic wand by blending and highlighting the subject in context.

Tips to select backgrounds:

In photography, it is not difficult for the backdrop to overwhelm or distract the subject .The perfect backdrop can be anything,elegant or bold ,but to select the appropriate one based on the need is what is challenging.

  • Simple backgrounds: Keeping it simple always work .It helps you to get rid of any distraction and also makes the background interesting. If you blur the background the subject appears crisp which results in an excellent shot.
  • Light: The use of correct light, indoor or outdoor, can create a magic by highlighting the subject and darkening the background. Natural shadows with light can make a unique backdrop.
  • Parks, beaches, building stairs, gardens, Churches: Use of variety of backdrops add depth to your work. These work as great backgrounds with limited distractions. They are aesthetically pleasing also .Using of the architecture works wonderfully.
  • Use of your own created backdrop: If you have your tailor made backdrop it is always advantageous. Using your own controlled photo backdrop makes you more confident.
  • Photoshop: Retouching the digital photographs can be used as an important tool to add glamour and uniqueness.

All these unique background are offered to the client by Pixioo photography, a wedding photographer of Singapore.


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