How to take candid wedding photographs?

Weddings are full of priceless moments and though most photographers these days take formal shots, there is something really special about those candid photographs. However, it is not easy to take candid shots these days and people are more camera savvy as compared to the people of the past. Almost everyone has a smartphone and they are always clicking themselves or the other people around and so getting candid shots are not easy.

Here are few helpful tips from some of the photographers of the best wedding photography services Singapore to make that task easier for you.

Be Ready- Always!

This is the most important tip that you need to keep in mind and that is be ready with your camera always. The camera should be present in your hand and you should be ready with to click all the times. Ensure that your shutter speed, IOS and aperture is properly set for the event and also keep extra SD cards ready in your pocket.

Make use of the right equipment

Having a DSLR is of course necessary; however, having a small camera is also useful when taking candid wedding shots. There are few mirrorless cameras available and these are the best choices you have as far as smaller cameras are considered.

Longer lens are better

Candid shots are easier to taken when you are standing right in front of the people. So, it is best to have longer lens as these allow taking the pictures from a distance. It also ensures that people don’t ‘pose’ for your camera and you actually take candid pictures of the event.

Take flash free pictures

Taking flash pictures are the best easiest way of telling the people that you are taking pictures. Look for other ways to allow light in your image like opening up the aperture.

Hire the services of Pixioo Photography for candid wedding photos of the most special day in your life.


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